Real World

More powershell fun

A little poweshell script for finding the largest files on a drive, fire it off from the root. It’ll list the top 5 files, but can be easily changed by changing the 4 highlighted in the for loop. $files = @(); $files = Get-ChildItem . -rec | Sort-Object Length -descending; for($i =0; $i -le 4;$i++)

Procat posting?

Don’t believe it everything you read… I’ve updated WP to version 2, not sure if it makes much of a difference as far as I can see, lots of work done to the posting part thou, should be easier to make posts….

Speaking about updating….

First of all, Happy new year everyone! I’ve started my new (temporary, for the time being) job today, it went well, lot’s of new stuff to read up on.


It’s seems the new installation of WordPress is more resistance to spam then the old one, that or spammers simple have stop targetting the domain….


I’ve nuked just about everything on the domain, it was about time, the purge included this little blog too. I had different reasons for killing everything, some was leftover from my last school projects, others were temporary projects that had long ago been abanonded, this blog was filled with bugs (I use to update